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Village People or Lack of Preparation?

Village people are an integral part of every Nigerian’s life. We blame them for every misstep, mistake, and unfortunate incident. Myths, childhood stories, and experiences reinforce them.

Dear Street Squad,

I hope this new article meets you well. The purpose of today’s message isn’t to affirm or refute the legitimacy of village people. It reminds us that we are the architects of our lives, drivers of our journey, and most times, the author of our failures.

Lack of preparation is a major cause of failure. We spend our lives waiting for the one big moment, that one huge opportunity that would change the trajectory of our lives but often, we are unprepared for it.

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Let’s explore ways to ensure you’re prepared.

  1. Set your Goals: This is the most important part of clinching any opportunity. How do you recognize an opportunity if you don’t know your goals? Or perhaps the plan is to jump on every opportunity till one sticks? That isn’t very productive now, is it? Ensure your goals are personal and not influenced by peer pressure. Your friend succeeding in tech isn’t the Universe telling you to go into tech especially when you know how much you struggle with anything tech. Your goals should align with your strengths and interests.
  2. Strategize and plan: Let’s turn our goals into reality and not just a mere fantasy. Planning reduces uncertainty and aids motivation and commitment. In order to be dedicated to accomplishing a goal, It’s necessary to have plans in place. It is important to dream but it is far more important to plan. Give your goals timelines and set plans to achieve them. Be prepared to fail, but have plans from A to Z and beyond. Be prepared to fail till you win.
  3. Upskilling: As a job seeker, you should forever be on the path to being the best candidate for your dream job. Research the eligibility criteria for your dream role and work towards becoming the best candidate to be found. If your goal is to be a fashion designer, take several classes on different fashion styles and designs. If your goal is to be a software developer and your dream role requires a deep understanding of Ruby, that isn’t the time to go ‘‘Oh well, at least I tried.’’ Get to work! Take classes! Seek help and guidance from mentors in the field! The reason why it is important to set goals that align with your passion and interests is to ensure you stay motivated. Yes, you would fall but you would also pick yourself up.
  4. Positioning: I’m not a fortune-teller but I can tell you that the same way your future spouse won’t randomly land in your lap, is the same way opportunities won’t knock on the door of one who refuses to put himself/herself out there.
  • A. Use your social media platforms to sell yourself. Thank God for social media! You get to sell yourself to a very large audience.
  • B. As an entry-level job seeker, be open to internships and volunteering. Many people secure jobs through personal recommendations.
  • C. Attend events: Every sector organizes various events to teach and network with various stakeholders. Be there! Get off your couch, swallow that anxiety, and network with people. Who knows? Your village people might decide to give you a free pass and you might finally get a spouse and a job in one heavenly-packaged event.
  • D. Talk about what you do at every given opportunity. Introduce yourself properly in every room you walk into.  Send cold emails to organizations that you would love to work with, telling them the value you have to offer.
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5. Stay Updated: In our rapid world, it’s necessary to keep up with the latest advancements and changes. It’s important to keep Google as a close ally not only to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements but also for security reasons. Research your interview venues and even the company that offers you a job. A simple Google search might be all that stands between you and a very terrible job. Click away, dears.

6. Consistency: In the words of a great Nigerian sage who would prefer to be anonymous, ‘‘Na who give up fuck up’’ which roughly translates – Don’t give up. Stay motivated and committed. Be hungry for more. Consistently develop yourself. Network and connect with stakeholders in your field. It is easy to give up but Success is rewarding.

Fly, Street Squad, Fly.

Best of Luck!

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