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Street2suit is a movement; from the streets of job hunting to the process of recruitment and right up to the corridors of corporate employment, you will find all your career needs here! Here’s how we can help:

Optimize Your CV

Weaponize your CV and social media profiles to lock down that interview call.

Profiling Test

Are you rightly positioned to get your dream job? Find out if you are a fit for that role.


Let’s connect you to recruiters who are actively hiring for your skills & competencies.

Are You A Recruiter? Let us be your virtual assistant. We can deliver the following value solutions;

  • Source for talent by specific skills
  • Manage the recruitment process
  • Negotiate salary expectations
  • Design contract letter of employment
  • Co-create KPIs & lead performance appraisals

Latest Job Openings

We announce the latest job opportunities in Nigeria. We publish entry-level to mid-level openings, part-time to full-time jobs, remote work, and across several disciplines and industries.


S2S revamped my CV, prepared me for interviews and upskilled me. I am a high asset at my workplace.

Ebere Ake

It is amazing how S2S highlighted key areas in my CV, which immediately made me an irresistible candidate.

Daniel Edeimu

S2S has been one of the best platforms for verified jobs. I landed one of the jobs advertised.

Jude Luis

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