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About Us

We are Talent Managers

Africa is the budding nest of the next generation of super-talents and these talents must be nurtured and coached to have a good head start.

In a competitive job market where many talents are in its crude form, it can be frustrating for job seekers landing a job as well as recruiters matching the right talent for their organizations. Street2suit is brimmed to serve this space through its incubator programme called S2S Academy.


Empowering African youths to become globally competitive in the job market.


Providing training, coaching and skill-fit opportunities for job seekers to land their dream jobs.

S2S Academy is a learning experience platform for job seekers. The platform walks you through a curriculum on how to land a job, plus where you are a right fit. You will master topics on how to tailor your CV to fit a job, keywords to use to scale the ATS, designing a cover letter, preparing for job interviews, etc. It is a 1-hour virtual class that holds every month on a Saturday by 12 noon. On the other hand, Street2suit works very closely with recruiters to match the right talent with open jobs.

At S2S, we understand that hiring the best talent is not enough, there is also the pain point of considering if these talents are a right fit for the organizations. It is on this premise that S2S also provides mentor-ship for job seekers to help them evaluate their career ambitions and tailor it to prospective job openings in organizations where they are a best fit.

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