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Tips for Acing Interviews

Tips for Acing Interviews

Ever been to an interview before and it seemed you were facing a panel for the sins you didn’t commit

How was the experience like? Nerve-wracking? It sure can’t be fun. Acing an interview can be tricky. Why don’t we teach you how to stuff that anxiety in a bag and make you pick confidence anytime?

Street fam, how are we all doing? I hope life’s treating you well. And if not, make lemonades out of it.

Before you barge into the interview room, how well are you prepared? Are your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted? If your answer is positive, then go get the job! But for my people having second thoughts, this is for you. Keep reading!

Acing Interview tips

You shouldn’t see a job interview as a one-way street but as a two-way conversation. Your recruiters are putting you through the ordeal to make sure you’re a perfect fit for the job, but what about you?

Aside from getting the job, you should also ask questions about the company. Is it a conducive and healthy environment to work in? Both parties seek information.

Here are a few tips to ease anxiety.


This is knowing about the company; its mission, vision, estimated number of staff, locations across the country and any other information available on their official website. You might also want to take into account the position you’re applying for; the roles, qualifications, and responsibilities.

Review your CV

Make sure you don’t forget to brush through your CV before the day of the interview. Be prepared to provide additional information as well, to back up your experiences related to the job position.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Source for commonly asked questions during an interview. The digital age has made information so readily available at the tip of our fingers. This will give you an idea of what to expect, avoiding surprises.

Be punctual and dress appropriately

Punctuality is the sole of business. Haters will perceive it as being desperate, but it’s a quality one must keep. It shows commitment.

Your dressing should also follow the protocol of the organisation. Don’t go wearing bright-coloured clothes and stick out like a sore thumb. Swallow pride and borrow if you have to.

Take deep breaths and keep your answers short while highlighting key details. Any further questions from your recruiters, do well to go in details.

Keep your tone calm and professional.


Respect the fact that you aren’t the only applicant. Stay vigilant for any form of communication chosen by the organization, as the response time may vary.

Your CV secures you a seat for an interview, but the success of the interview gets you the job. Getting it right is imperative to crowning your hard work with a job.

You sef don try and if your village people come for you, no gree. Make the best use of the tips mentioned and don’t forget to wear that confidence.

Best of luck…

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