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The 7 Top Trending Careers Rising in 2023

Trending careers that are rising is an ongoing series, updated each year.

In 2023, we will see some of the fastest-growing careers available today. It has been a while since this series was updated and we are now seeing trends change in the workforce faster than ever before.

Some of these careers with the best paying jobs can be started today with a great deal of education and training.

Hopefully, as people begin to learn about these professions and the possibilities for them in the future, there will be even more growth for others in these career fields.

Although some of these careers are more challenging than others, any profession will have a lot of prestige in the workforce when you’re part of it. You’ll find yourself working with other experts in your field, earning promotions, and making good money.

The 7 Top Trending Careers Rising in 2023

Trending careers are becoming more accessible, and there are more jobs available than ever before in this new globalized world. For example, employees with a banking background can work in online marketing, those who have been teaching English abroad can find digital marketing jobs back at home and business graduates might find themselves working in customer service.

The 7 Top Trending Careers of 2023 include:

1. Blockchain Developer

2. Digital Marketing Manager

3. Data Scientist

4. Remote Worker (aka Freelancer)

5. Social Media Manager 

6. UX/UI Designer 

7. Product Owner or Project Manager

A Blockchain Developer

is a software engineer or programmer with a high understanding of the underlying technology that makes Bitcoin transactions possible, known as blockchain technology, and who can design apps to meet the growing demand for this speciality programming language and knowledge in this rapidly developing space.

The requirements are:

  • Proven experience with Computer Science fundamentals, in the form of either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.
  • An understanding and experience in any of these programming languages to create blockchain environment: Python, C++, Golang, and NodeJS.
  • An understanding of cryptography means that you have previous experience in using encryption technologies such as hash functions or message authentication codes (MACs).
  • Advanced knowledge of how to use REST API and the ability to speak HTTP at an expert level.
  • Excellent written and spoken English language skills.
  • Knowledge about data structures such as linked lists, binary trees, etc.; algorithm analysis from the most basic.

A Digital Marketing Manager 

is a person who organizes and manages marketing strategies for a company. This person will take care of the company’s online presence and make sure they are ranking high on Google’s pages.

The skills that are needed to become a Digital Marketing Manager;

  • Understands the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Effective use of Adwords or any other advertising channels (Google, Yahoo) 
  • Knowledge of analytics (Google Analytics or any other) 
  • An effective project manager/time-keeper 
  • Communicates well with different departments/departments within the company

LinkedIn has reported that Digital Marketing Manager is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing careers in America. This position can require up to 13 years of experience in marketing, but there are ways for newcomers to break into the field if you have an analytical mindset and a firm grasp of digital media. Salary ranges from $85,000-$130,000 per year depending on qualifications.

A Data Scientist 

is proficient in programming, statistics, and computer science, or has acquired substantial knowledge of machine learning and other numerical techniques used in data mining. These individuals are sought after to analyze massive amounts of data to find patterns or relationships that may be useful to the organization. 

The requirements needed to be a Data Scientist are:

  • Some knowledge and experience in applied mathematics, statistics, or machine learning, or having acquired substantial knowledge of such techniques.
  • Some knowledge and experience in data mining, including statistics and machine learning techniques used in data mining.
  • Knowledge of the data infrastructure needed to support the analysis to be done and a good understanding of how these should be constructed.
  • Demonstrable ability to understand business requirements, which are built around technical problems that arise from the use of big data and analytics to solve them at scale 

A Remote Worker (aka Freelancer)

is someone who works from home, from a coffee shop, or an airport lounge. Remote Workers usually work for a different company each time they sign up but some companies like Amazon have also started employing them full-time as well.

Requirements needed to be a remote worker:

  • A Computer/Laptop
  • A Headset with a microphone (optional)
  • Internet Connection
  • A working conscience 

A Social Media Manager 

is someone who manages the social media channels of a company. This person usually starts by checking the social media analytics and then making decisions about which posts to make on each channel, leading to the creation of strategies for sharing content by employees, contractors, or employees on a contract basis

Requirements needed to be A Social Media Manager :

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or business 
  • Must have a wide knowledge of social networking sites. 
  • Social Media Managers usually are required to know the company or organization they are managing the social media for therefore they must have a strong understanding of the mission and vision of that company. 
  • Social Media Managers must have good written and verbal communication skills and be able to work in a team but also work independently, as well as be able to ask for help when needed or give help if needs be.

A UX/UI Designer 

creates ideas and designs for a user interface (UI) of software or mobile devices. They create visual plans for user interactions, such as websites and apps, to meet the requirements for an organization’s vision and strategy. Their work can be focused on any type of technology platform (web, Android, iOS), but they are most likely to work with clients who are in IT or other related fields.

Requirements needed to be a UX/UI Designer 

  • Should know how to work in an agile team and be able to deliver user-centric designs within deadlines.
  • Should have a keen eye for UI design including typography, layout, visual hierarchy, composition, and color schemes.
  • Should have a thorough understanding of the user’s needs
  • Should have at least 3 years of experience in the UX/UI design field.
  • Should be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite products (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

A Product Owner or Project Manager 

is someone who takes the vision and requirements of a company, creates a plan, and develops products to help them achieve those goals. This is an important position in a company as it’s their responsibility to manage the budget, schedule, and resources involved with a project.

Requirements needed to be a Product Manager

  • Proven experience in product management. (Experience from a previous job must be preferably related to the same industry). 
  • Proven experience in product management. (Experience from a previous job must be preferably related to the same industry). 
  • Highly detail oriented and very good at communication skills. 

In most cases, the Product Manager reports directly to the CEO or Product Owner so they must have superb communication skills as they’ll be talking to multiple stakeholders with different needs who need attention and understanding of what is being done with their project.

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