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When to Speak Up and When to Stay Silent

Ah, the workplace! A glorious ecosystem teeming with ambition, deadlines, and enough passive-aggressive emails to fuel a small power plant. But within this jungle of spreadsheets and constant meetings lurks a constant dilemma: when do you unleash your inner lion and ROAR your opinion, and when do you retreat?

A beautiful instance would be with office bullying.Lola, the office queen of quiet efficiency, prided herself on never speaking except when necessary. Working hard without getting the credit for it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G at all.

She works tirelessly, fueled by coffee, and bears the burden of dark circles, yet her efforts are met with derision. One morning, her colleague Jessica forgot to prepare a presentation slide for their team presentation. Oops!

Who’s gonna take the fall? Jessica right? But no! Lola does. How? Why? Nobody knows. Guess the quiet ones get the end of the stick. Milton, her boss, erupted with steaming fumes. You could see it. People bombarded Lola with questions, heaped blames on her, and pointed fingers at her.

Oh, poor woman. Doesn’t sit well with you, right? Now imagine what she’s feeling. With untamed courage, for the first time she spoke her mind. Unfiltered words shooting out of her mouth from a place of deep hurt.

*cricket sound*

At that moment, they could hear a pin drop. Shock plastered their faces as time stopped. What do you think would happen? Milton would applaud her for speaking up? Or fire her for her insubordination?

That’s why we’re here, to rewind what could have been a “if only I didn’t”.

Fear not, street fam warriors! I’m here again to douse your brewing fury before losing the job you’ve worked hard for. We don’t want you back to the streets and casual wears. That is why this article will equip you with the wisdom of Solomon to navigate the murky waters of workplace dilemma.

When to Unleash Your Inner Superhero?

Keep reading!

1. When you witness blatant discrimination, harassment, or illegal activity, remember, silence is not golden, it’s just spineless. In as much you feel, turning a blind eye will undo the scenario you just witnessed, report it immediately. You could be in the same shoes one day and wished justice league were there to save you.

2. You have a brilliant solution that could revolutionize the company’s system, bring in more profits or create a synergy amongst colleagues. Break the culture of silence and speak up. Present your plan with the confidence of Beyoncé at a Coachella headliner. Worst-case scenario? Your colleagues think you’ve gone mental. Best case? You become the office hero who saved everyone from impending doom.

3. There’s always a black sheep in every workplace. I know you know them. If the conversation steers to negativity or personal attacks, excuse yourself. You don’t want to get sucked into the vortex of negativity and emerge with a bad case of the “Mondays.”

4. Your boss is having a meltdown that could cause the next global warming. Resist the urge to add fuel to the fire with your own commentary. Sometimes, the best course of action is to listen empathetically and offer support when the dust settles.

5. Your boss breathes down your neck more often than your mom does. Avoid a public confrontation when your boss is on a ranting rampage. Instead, schedule a private meeting to discuss communication styles and boundaries. Remember, the Workplace is a delicate space.

6. Sometimes you have to stand your ground to let your boss know you aren’t a pushover. Like a popular street phase, “many are mad, few are roaming”. In such instances where your boss uses derogatory remarks about you and your work countless times, that it becomes a threat to your mental health, best you speak your mind rather than sink into depression and what not.

Worst case? You’re fired. Best case? There might not be, cause people can be wicked….just kidding.

Think of your workplace as a social gathering. There’s a time for collaboration and negotiation. But there’s also a time to decline politely, to register as a member of mindless gossip or to renew your membership of distracting negativity.

Bonus Tip: Always be professional, even when your inner voice is screaming, “This meeting could have been an email!”

By mastering the art of “speak up or shut up,” you’ll navigate the workplace with grace, wit, and maybe even avoid becoming the next meme circulating in the office Slack channel. Now go forth, conquer your cubicle!

Remember! The above scenarios are just fictional examples which you might find relatable.

Best of luck…


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