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How to Convey Confidence and Likability in Interviews

How to Convey Confidence and Likability in Interviews

Your aura, how’s it like? Your body language says a lot about you without uttering a single alphabet. You can spew nonsense but mask it with the cologne of confidence.Like how you’re still reading even though you can’t understand yet.

Yo street peeps! I hope y’all are still eating your daily dose of awesomeness? Ignore, on second thoughts, it’s hard to ignore the depressing reality of the country, but as your Avatar, the master of all elements, it’s my duty to shoulder your burden, and see you move from street to suits. They call me Avatar S2S!

In our last post, we talked about tips to acing interviews and how confidence and preparedness that gets you the job. Well, today we’re talking about presence and personality. Wanna know more, then keep reading!

Presence and personality

You’re sitting in the interview room with your recruiters, the tension is so thick you could use a knife to pierce through it, but they don’t know you’ve got a trick up your sleeves that will turn their no/maybe to a Yes! Yes! You’re hired!

The art of selling yourself, keeping your audience hooked and invested. They don’t teach that in school. It doesn’t come with your degree that you learnt the art of building charisma or public speaking.

How well you handle your audience goes a long way. You might have or not have the qualifications for the job, but your recruiters can be impressed that they’ll overlook your shortcomings. “He/she knows how to talk and will handle our customers or clients well.”

Have you ever purchased something you don’t need, but still bought it because someone convinced you that you might need it? Been a victim? Say hi! Lol….

Tips to building your presence

1. Maintain composure

This reflects calmness and elegance.

2. Be assertive

The words you put out there should be with conviction. Do proper research on the company you’re applying for.

When thrown with a “for instance” question in an interview, they just want to know how well you can handle a situation, how fast you can think. Even without knowing the answer, try to sound knowledgeable. Who knows, your gibberish might intrigue them.

3. Be fluent

Always brush up on your vocabulary before an interview. Big words make you sound smart, but avoid overusing them as your goal is to be understood.The ability to enunciate your words and flow naturally when speaking is a bonus. It shouldn’t sound forced or rehearsed.

4. Maintain occasional eye contact

I wouldn’t hire anyone who looks down or evade eye contact when talking. With your qualifications and experiences, it’s expected that you know what to say. Yes, interviewers always look and sound scary, but they’re just testing you to know if you deserve the job.

Cologne is expensive but confidence is priceless, reek of that instead and if you’re gallant enough, use the two. No rule that says you could use just one.It’s hard trying to stay positive when frustration is in your wardrobe, well starched, ironed and folded, but it’ll be all worth it at the end.

Never underestimate the power of research, constantly improve your diction, learn to be composed during an interview and speak with assertion.

Best of luck!

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