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It is safe to say we all grew up listening to the famous quote that says, “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”, but with the way adulthood is going, be like say the bone don finish o

Hey, street squad, it’s that time of the week again, but we will get a bit realistic and emotional this time. Let dive in

What exactly does patience mean? I remember this one time my dad brought a young plant home from a friend’s place; according to him, the plant was meant to grow and produce a fruit known as soursop, and from the way he described how it tasted, I just knew the plant was my responsibility cause I needed to see the end result. I had to watch the plant grow, bring out seeds but could not eat them, started growing but still couldn’t eat them cause I knew the ripe one tasted better, and that’s the first lesson patience taught me, which was tasty, ripe soursop only come to those who wait for them to grow. And this is also applicable to our lives.

In today’s world, a competent person with both legs and hands who is poor and hungry would rather steal than look for a job. It has been said that “patience is a virtue” because it can be tough at times. Unfortunately, not many people have much of it. The majority of those unable to do tasks on their own, such as those confined to wheelchairs, tend to be more patient than those who are able.

Being unable to accomplish tasks independently teaches patience.

Do you remember those times you tell yourself calming words like “It’s going to be ok”, “everything will be alright”, “I know that it will get better soon,” or even a prayer just to teach yourself patience? Well, that is you convincing yourself with soothing and assuring remarks that you will wait until results start coming.

When a person endures time in a difficult situation, it does not mean they should just sit there and wait for magic to happen. Patience means doing something about the problem and waiting for the result of what you did to fix it. Let’s not mix patience with neglecting time.

Because the world is ever-changing, so should your aspirations. For this reason, it is crucial to exercise patience with them. Be patient as you get back on track after your hard work gets sidetracked. There will be times when you need to pause and consider your next course of action. That is not a drawback! It demonstrates your ability to be patient and wise enough to allocate your time and resources wisely.

It is not only for you that patience is important in life. It pertains to your personal life, career, and relationships. Never forget how your patience affects other people; it demonstrates to them how calmness can be achieved in a world where things move quickly.

With everything, patience works like magic. Whether it’s losing weight, giving up smoking, raising kids, or facing any unforeseen challenging situation, just remember that if you give patience the time it requires, it will work wonders. Since patience takes a lot of time, pass the time by doing something fun, going for a stroll in the park, calling a friend, reading a book, or even praying to remind yourself that God is with you and you are not alone. Simply fill your mind with activities that bring you joy and satisfaction.

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