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Tips you Need to Maximize your Online Presence

7 Tips you Need to Maximize your Online Presence

Regardless of your employ-ability status, your online presence determines to an extra length your visibility and relevance. You may wonder why? It is expedient in this age to have an online presence.

How else can you do that if not by actively engaging the media platforms at your disposition? Asides from social networking, you would be surprised how many advantages you can get. These media platforms can land you your dream job or referral for a project or drive sales, thereby increasing your annual revenue.

Why do you need to maximize your online presence?

Well, if you are absent online, you probably belong to the stone age. This revolutionary age breathes and lives online. The global world of work is online. The global market is also online. You can get remote freelance jobs from any part of the world, sell your products internationally, upgrade your knowledge or skills by attending online schools, or take online courses for certifications.

Potential employees and clients will generally do a search online for your profile, product, or services before making a decision, your absence online may limit your chances. It’s however not enough to show up online but to stay consistent.

How then can you maximize your online presence? These tips will be useful to help you maximize your online presence.

#Tip 1 – Blow your own trumpet

Nobody can better describe you, your product, or the service you provide than you. If you don’t advertise yourself or what you do or can do, by putting it out there online, you may be short-changing yourself. For all you know, your employer, or client might be searching for a related skill, product, or person and stumble on your page. When the opportunity finally appears, would you have a portfolio to save you or a blank page?

#Tip 2 – Have a captivating bio

To catch the attention of anyone online, you will require a captivating bio. How can you create a first impression that keeps any visitor more than a moment on your page? It is simply by having a bio that describes you, what you do and how you do it, and a link or catalog they can use to access more information. Whether you write it formally or semi-formally, ensure you keep it short, free of grammatical errors, and without ambiguity.

#Tip 3 – Constantly update your resume

If you are interested in being in the corporate world, then your resume cannot afford to be obsolete. Each time, you have a new job, role, certification, achievement, or even bag an award, please update your resume. Tell a story or share the process and resources that helped you attain this new feat. Ensure dates are recent, and the new additions are clearly stated, yet in simple terms. You cannot assume you would always have all the time to speak about the new or latest feather you have on your cap. Time may fail you, but your updated resume will speak on your behalf.

#Tip 4 – Define your space

Everyone may be doing what you are doing, but not in the same way you do it. So, in order to maximize your online presence, you have to discover what makes you, your product, or your service different, and be intentional about displaying it on the right online platforms. It is okay to show up with different expressions and explore different platforms depending on your present ability, expertise, or enterprise, however, you do not need to be actively involved on all online platforms, but leverage on the right platform for your profession, product, or service per time and stay consistent.

#Tip 5 – Join a community

The online social networking space caters to join not just individuals, but also professionals together. Regardless of what you do or offer, some others are doing the same, so it is advisable to join an online community. Building connections with people in your circle will enable you to know the stakeholders in your field, be aware of trends and also glean from their knowledge. Referrals easily come by when you are with like-minded people who over time can vouch for your credibility by association.

#Tip 6 – Offer value

It’s not enough to show up online, you should communicate your value. That’s what makes you different. Research says it takes only 7 seconds to make an impression on someone. Does your content, product, or service have the capacity to earn you a potential client? If you post pictures, is the quality enough to get people’s attention? Are your stories or captions easy to read and catchy enough to propel others to read further? Is your product or service intended to serve a need or solve a problem? The value you offer determines if you will be sought after and stay relevant in people’s world.

#Tip 7 – Follow the rules

If you must stay long and relevant on any platform, be aware of the rules of engagement with people and the platform. Connect with your audience using familiar examples, experiences, and even trends, but don’t be insensitive or go against your professional ethics. Ensure you also read the guiding principles and policy of the platforms you engage in and be committed to obeying them.

Whether it be LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other online platform, faulting rules has consequences. Imagine having built a community of 10,000 followers only to lose them in a few seconds because you flaunted a rule. Sustaining your growth on any of these platforms is better than starting again because of mere carelessness.

Conclusion On Tips To Help You Maximize your Presence Online

Your experiences and expertise are gifts to be shared. Hence, your visibility online is a product someone needs or a service someone requires. Every day, someone needs what you have, and your online presence will help them find it. Your perceptions, expertise, experience, motivations, inspirations, product, or service is a solution to one of the world’s problem. Show up online and maximize your presence using these tips.

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