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Securing a Job (4 Tips To a Good Pitch)

Securing a Job – 4 Tips To a Good Pitch

The Pandemic has paved way for new work ethics, making room for new ideas to be explored and brewed as the glaring reality of less manpower hits the Universe. Therefore, it is important to learn new tips on securing your dream job.

Many organizations have taken the initiative to create a strong workforce from the comforts of their homes while achieving more, increasing their staff strength, and reducing their stress.

Many unemployed found it difficult to secure or get employed due to a strange but creative style of a job interview, and the digital tool of communication as they struggle to find a spot in the tech industry, replacing the manual with the automatic.

Securing a job in a fast-paced economy where smart work overrides hard work can be quite time-wasting and resourceful. This process is expected from graduates or adults who are expected to be earning money.

For example, Gladys is a young lady in her twenties who studied Biochemistry and has been job-searching for a year. Having visited different organizations with her Resume, she doesn’t get called back, which makes her wonder why. After a while, she gives up and decides to venture into business.

She finally gets a call back during the Pandemic, requesting that she write a letter explaining why she should be considered for the job and not any other person. 

Job Security

Job security isn’t all about having and keeping a job without fear of being replaced or retrenched, it begins with the process of finding a job and getting the job, ending with keeping it. Similarly, businesses and organizations can offer employment security from the interview process up until the termination decision is made.

 Securing a job

Many employees succeed at the level of job employment but fail at securing that job. There is a mass release of graduates every year hence, the fear of job loss. Innovations and work styles have endeared employers to skillful and creative job seekers, who make work easier and faster, with the organizational goal in mind.

Desperate job seekers choose employment of job satisfaction, accepting any role in an organization rather than seeking the role that improves and brings out the best in them. This is a major attribute common in the world of employment.

Notice that Gladys keeps sending the same resume to different organizations and probably does not bother to attach a cover letter. There are work errors that can be avoided if the right tool is used.

Securing the job

To secure the job, work has to be done. Every employer’s expectation is to have a staff who can work with little or no supervision, delivering efficiently with the ultimate goal at the back of their heads. To achieve this, the process of employment consists of a scrutiny of Character, skill, and innovative thinking.

Here are creative ways to secure the job

First of all, be confident in your abilities as companies are looking to hire workers or employees who can exude the confidence that they represent which makes them feel that you can work without total supervision.

Learn related skills that will add value to the qualities you already have. This takes away the element of surprise when new and extremely creative employees are brought on board.

Prepare a good Pitch as this will be needed in the interview phase. Employers would love to know how well you know your job role and how important it is to the growth of the organization.

Furthermore, they request that you explain why you are the best candidate for the job. In other words, they request a Pitch that sells your hidden talents and buttresses your plan or purpose, beckoning to their business as well as creative minds.

Four tips to a Good Pitch

To secure a job or land a contract which could be of remote nature, pitching your way is the most ideal method as this encompasses the entirety of a worker’s character.

Pitching means the presentation of an idea or ideas that are believed to be a solution to a problem. To secure that job, here are a few tips for getting the right kind of pitch;

  1. Study the Organization by doing research and more research. This cannot be overemphasized as no information is too much. Having in-depth knowledge about your potential employers put you in a spot where you cannot be caught off guard. This builds your confidence as an interviewee and gives you an edge over others. In Gladys’ case, she kept submitting the same resume to different organizations without doing proper research. This research can help you realize the things that may be missing from your Curriculum Vitae and prepare you for a Cover letter.
  2. Engage your interviewers by asking them questions or seeking their opinions on matters that can be related to their field of work. Doing this builds your confidence, eliminates any chance of negativity, and keeps them glued to you as listening alone can be very boring and time-consuming. It is also a good time-killer where you feel pressured to deliver in a matter of minutes. Engagement often gears the minds of the interviewers towards a corner where they ask questions that are unconsciously initiated by you.
  3. Be precise and go straight to the point as time is of the essence. Interviewers have little or no patience as they have a long list of candidates to be interviewed. It is advised to hit the nail on the head by dropping all the bullet points. Introduce yourself and go straight to the reason for the meeting.
  4. Sell yourself by listing all your skills and abilities without sounding proud or overconfident. You could do this with simple examples or scenarios that start with. If I were in that position.. if I were to be in such a position.. Or I would.

This points them in the direction of problem solving and how effective you provide solutions that make the organization productive. Many Resumes do not tell much about the individual but the work experience and Vice Versa. There should be a balance in the arrangement of the CV.

Things to avoid while pitching

  1. After hard work, comes the result!. Pitching is serious work and therefore, to make yours successful without flaws or errors, here are some mistakes to avoid;
  2. Never rely on your Portfolio as it will not speak for you the way your pitch will. If your portfolio was important, there would be no need for s pitch!.
  3. Deliver the Value you will be bringing to the organization or company before selling your skills. In the process of talking about what you are bringing to the table, you unconsciously sell yourself.
  4. Don’t be ordinary!. If you have new ideas or ways to make work easier for your potential employers, feel free to share with them without the fear of your idea being used. This makes your pitch unforgettable and can lead to a referral to an organization that may need your services.


There are many Gladys out there who, having no basic experience in pitching, can sell their skills and strengths to secure a well-paying job. Pitching requires inner discovery and self–reliance. Rules are made to be broken so do not be afraid to dish out your opinions and thoughts.

Working with passion comes from a place of satisfaction so it is advised to secure the job that suits you not a job that pays the bills alone. A happy employee is one that finds solutions when his/her work place is no longer safe.

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