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Steps to Get Your Desired Job via Street2Suit

7 Steps to Get Your Desired Job

Do you have a job or your desired job? Can your current job eventually become your desired job or should you continue the search? Should you hop from one job to another until you eventually land your desired job?

Getting your desired job transcends having a desire. You must have an understanding of your interests, strengths, and even weaknesses. This will enable you rightly position yourself where you best fit in and will function effectively. You will be surprised that the job you do presently may be your desired job eventually. That is if all these parameters are rightly checked.

The desired job is satisfying. It is one you are happy to wake up to every day. It is a job you do not mind spending extra hours on whenever a reason arises. This is because the value you create and the impact you make are borne out of your passion. Hence, your performance is always optimally maximized.

To assist you on the journey to your desired job, here are 7 steps you should considerably engage.

Prepare Your Resume

Ensure you have a well-written professional resume and update it with the necessary information. Then you can send it to various organizations that have the position of your interest. You may also send it to your present organization if there is a promotional position or a vacant position you desire.

Your resume should be a true representation of your personality, skills, education, qualifications, experiences, and achievements. Hence ensure all these features are summarised in the best simple and concise manner.

Asides from your resume, ensure you create an award-winning bio or/and cover letter to send with your resume. This will give the advertiser or recruiter more information about your relevance enough to earn you an interview.

Skill Up

You must ensure you have the right soft skills or hard skills required for your desired job. If you do not, then learn them. Utilize all media necessary whether physical learning or access online platforms that you can utilize for learning.

If you have to pay for them, do so if you have the resources. However, if you do not have the financial capacity, adopt materials, books, and online resources that can help improve your skills.

When you eventually get a chance to get your dream job, your chances of getting hired may be limited without the right skills.

Forward your application

Find out organizations and apply for any vacancy in your interested positions. You may have to physically drop your application letter or send it via email to the designated address of the organization.

Get to register with job recruitment agencies and subscribe to get updated with advertised job positions. Yours may be on the list. You can also establish an online presence on professional platforms like LinkedIn to increase your Social Selling Index.

Be sure to keep your LinkedIn profile updated, professional, and well-crafted so that you can have access to potential job interests and the right employers can find you.

Engage your Network

Research has shown that about 85% of people get jobs via networking. You must build the right networks and know how best to leverage them for your desired job opportunities.

Join associations in your professional field, attend seminars, and conferences, connect with people and follow up. It takes just one person, sometimes to do a referral or recommend you for a job that you have been applying for a long time.

Asides from your professional relationships, do not underestimate the value of friends, family, and ex-schoolmates. They can be very instrumental to assist you to end the long search for your desired job.

Volunteer or Intern

Volunteers are said to have a probability of 27% finding a job. It is important to take up volunteer or internship positions in organizations or for causes you are passionate about. Volunteering and Interning is a great way to build your skills and garner experience and while at it, maybe get your desired job. It also helps you network with people in your field.

Although most volunteer and internship positions may be unpaid, they help you gain relevant work experiences, keep you busy doing what interests you and give you the opportunity to continue your search for your desired job. While volunteering or taking an internship role, take responsibilities and if the organization is impressed with your work performance, you might be considered for a job.

If you are not employed in the same organization you interned or volunteered with, use the skills, expertise, and experience you have gained to your advantage.

Ace your Interview

If your search for your desired job eventually earns you an interview, be prepared for it. Research the organization to learn about their career profile and interests, and show up ready. Dress the part, speak right, highlight your strengths, skills, and achievements and engage the interviewers in a way that they know you are the best choice for the job.

Create One

Does the search for your desired job seem like an unending one? Have you considered creating one that suits your present capacity and ability? Your acquired skills and experience can be put to use by simply employing yourself.

This may be in terms of consulting for others, creating a product, or providing a service. It’s okay to start with what you have or seek grants, investors, or sponsors to assist in creating the value that you are passionate about.

By creating your desired job, you could be solving a bigger problem of helping another person get his/her desired job.

Here’s hoping that you land your desired job soon. Take these steps and continue your journey to productive and effective work performance, doing what you are passionate about and creating value for yourself and society.

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