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Sales Representatives: The Ideal Job for Migration

Sales Representatives: The Ideal Job for Migration

In Nigeria, one would be surprised at the percentage of people who embrace the sales job as opposed to those who flee at the mention of it. This has been the case for as long as I remember.

This was not the case for foreign minds. Very interestingly, the majority of the sales representatives were once government employed, until the government took scissors to their jobs. This saw a number of them change track from government service to this sales jobs.

A sales job is the most common job in the tertiary sector of Nigeria. There are over twenty thousand of them in Lagos State alone and probably a hundred thousand in Nigeria. The number is so large that even if you don’t have any sales job experience, you would never be out of a job. The only way you can not have a job in Nigeria is to reject any job opportunity.

Why Not Sales?

Sales. Not everyone likes to apply for a sales job as it hits differently with people. But it’s not all a bed of roses as is the case with any job. For some, however, sales satisfy their entrepreneurial spirit and match up well with their personality traits.

Sales representatives are in demand with more than 1 million jobs available in this field alone and that number is expected to grow by 10% over the next few years. Sales representatives can work from home if they have the right set-up or they can go out on business trips, earn lucrative commissions and enjoy free accommodation & food while traveling around the country and meeting different clients.

As an employer, you have a lot to offer from a compensation standpoint. An experienced sales representative will be able to generate anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 on a full-time basis. You can also help them start their own small business as they get better at the job and pull in more income.

The current economic downturn does not mean that sales representatives should give up their jobs. The industry is going through tough times due to the economic crisis but so are other professions such as lawyers, doctors, and many others. The trends show that in countries such as Spain or Germany, the economy has taken a dive but the number of people taking up these jobs has increased compared to the same periods in previous years.

Sales Representatives, the Ideal Job For Migration

For migration, Sales Representative may be the right job for you. Sales Representatives can migrate to any country of their choice, for whichever duration they like. On the other hand, the overall life of a Sales Representative remains the same in all respects.

A Salesperson is hired by a company as a Sales Representative. They are tasked with getting as many “sales” as they possibly can. “Sales” here means getting the best deals for products from other companies. The other companies are called “talks”, because they may not always agree to sell at the best “price”.

These Sales Representatives are lined up in a competition, where the higher your Sales, the better your rewards. The rewards come in different forms, e.g. money, stocks, gifts, properties, benefits in the future, promotion, social benefits, etc.

How To Prepare For a Sales Representative Job Abroad

As a Sales Representative to leave the country or ‘japa-ing’, here are some tips for being a top-notch Sales Representative;

  • Know the market: Figure out the cultural and social norms of your area; this will help you understand where your strengths lie and how to best interact with different groups.
  • Showcase your skills: Demonstrate what makes you great at what you do and make sure that potential employers can see it; this includes on-the-job experience, certifications, awards, achievements, or other tangible items that show why you would be a success in their company.
  • Research the company: Do your research on the company and do not just blindly apply. Find out what their values are, their goals, what they expect of me as a Sales Representative, why I should choose their company over others, and what they have to offer the Sales Representative.
  • Get references: This is extremely important! Well-respected people who know you well will be your greatest asset; if you cannot get them to vouch for you then that is a sign that you need to look in another direction because this is something very important.
  • Ask for an interview: If you are invited and the interviewer asks you questions, try your best to answer them honestly. If you don’t know but can research and find out, then so be it; you will look even better than a person who knows the answer.
  • Research the company culture: Prepare your answers before going in for an interview to become a member of the team not just a sales representative; never project yourself as better than what is there because this will lead to disappointment in both parties. Always look at it from their point of view; will they be happy with their Sales Representative or if that person leaves after only 2-3 months, then what happens?
  • Remember that you are not alone: No Sales Representatives survive alone; you will need a team to provide logistical support for your work, arrange transportation, and also provide you with comfort and guidance. You must choose a team where you will be happy and satisfied for your own sake, not just the team’s benefit.
  • Be honest and show good intentions: Be honest in all of your dealings with others; it will always come back to haunt you no matter what because the same people who questioned your integrity will jump at the chance to take advantage of it if they get the chance. If people don’t believe in your honesty then that means they don’t trust and respect you enough to work under them or support their work.

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