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Proven Ways to Manage A Demanding Boss

10 Proven Ways to Manage A Demanding Boss

The excitement of getting a new or good job is sometimes short-lived when you have to resume to a difficult boss. However, there is no employee without a boss at different levels of engagement. A kind, relatable and competent boss is the desire of employees, but what happens when you have a demanding boss?

A demanding boss can be inconsiderate, overbearing, and tough to relate with. What is expected of an employee in this situation? When do you reach the breaking limit? Is quitting the best option to consider? Many more questions that need answers might pop up. If you think you can’t deal anymore with your tough boss, or need to equip yourself before you eventually encounter one; here is a list of ten (10) proven ways to manage a demanding boss.

Dress up

Research has shown that your appearance accounts for 55% of people’s perception of you, especially a good first impression. Dress the part, smile in spite of your confidence, and create an atmosphere of positivity. This can earn you some approval and help you win without proving too hard what you can offer. Your outlook is as important as your job description. Recreate a good impression every day at your workplace.

Identify triggers

It is important that you study the communication styles, moods, and weaknesses of your boss. This will help a great deal in relating with your boss. Leverage your understanding of his personality and adopt appropriate measures. Bosses also have some bad days and challenges, so excuse their attitudes sometimes. Does he like things done early? Do your tasks early. If he does not like interruptions while talking, don’t be quick to make a statement or defend a cause.

Breathe in

Just before you speak or act, can you take a moment and breathe. To douse the tension and the various outburst of emotions and tensions when you see your boss or are confronted by him, a deep breath will not only help improve your health but help you stay calm and focused to meet the expected demands. It is one proven therapy that can help you buy time enough to retain sanity and act right, regardless of the ‘adrenaline rush’ you experience.

Stay positive

Are you tired and think nothing good can arise from the relationship with your boss? You cannot win if you have a defeated mindset. If you think you cannot thrive in your workplace because of the attitude of your boss, you may never get the best result. You have a tough boss but that is not the end of your life. Fight and work to keep your attitude positive and do not allow negative thoughts to cripple your satisfaction and happiness. Guard your mental health, keep the right attitude, and serve the right energy. Try to enjoy every moment of your job and with other employees.

Provide solutions

You definitely tick the list of punctuality so well but it is not enough to show up at work, you need to get the job done! Do not just do what you are told, tell others how to do it, exceed expectations, and beat deadlines. Give your best and make the next job better than the last. Set a high standard for yourself, upgrade your skills, and put them to use. Strive for merits not just because you want to please your boss but because it is the right thing to do. Do not be satisfied being a regular employee, do more without overstepping boundaries.

Speak out

Oftentimes, you are judged by your words. Right communication is a lifesaver. Communicate if you need more time to execute the project. Ask for assistance and give updates when necessary. As much as you have professional talks with your boss, also hone your social communication skills. Do not mumble words when you have to greet or pay some compliments to your boss. Be audible enough and portray the right gestures always. It is also okay to speak to your boss about how you feel. However, keep it courteous and make no assuming statements or preconceived judgments. Allow flexibility in your approaches as deemed fit.

Be accountable

Whatever your task is, have it done rightly and document the process. Keep records of emails, receipts, and everything that needs to be recorded. Your boss will appreciate one who pays attention to details, let that person be you. ‘Dot the Is and Cross the Ts.’ Never take chances because you think you have them all stored in your brain. Write down even the minutest conversations, this can bail you out when in doubt or accused wrongly.

Take responsibility

Sometimes, expectations are interrupted and this can disrupt a desired result. Whenever you are wrong, admit accordingly. Do not make excuses for ineptitude, rather make statements that show you take responsibility for your mistakes and are willing to correct them. Next, take necessary actions and try your best never to repeat the same mistake. Let your verbal and non-verbal communications be clear to your boss and be willing to own the process to foster amendment.

Celebrate wins

Applaud the contribution of your teammates, boss, and every new feat or progress of the organisation. Whether they transit to landmark wins or not it will be thoughtful of you to send appreciation and congratulatory messages. This shows you identify with the leadership of your boss, and have the interest of the organisation. It also affirms your commitment to the success of every member, as much as yours.

Try again

Rome was not built in a day. If you had to switch roles with your boss, will you do better? These are learning experiences you cannot trade for your future. Try every process again relentlessly. As much as you may not be able to measure the changes qualitatively, do not quit being your best and giving your best at your job until you are sure it is time to quit this job and movement of on to the next job or boss.

You have been provided with 10 proven ways to manage a demanding boss, so take advantage of these ways and you may enjoy the privilege of a better work experience and environment.

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