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8 Major Mistakes Job Seekers Must Avoid

8 Major Mistakes Job Seekers Must Avoid

Whether it is the first time you are seeking a new job as a recent graduate or as an experienced professional changing jobs, the job search is not always a roller-coaster. You are bound to make mistakes while trying. In some cases, the job candidate simply does not know exactly what steps to take, how to write a professional CV, or even begin the search, amongst many other uncertainties.

The search for a new job requires a lot of effort, focus and smart work Whether your priorities are immediate income, job flexibility, or a career pivot, it is important to be clear on skills, preferences, and constraints, to make the right choice.

Here are some major mistakes that job seekers must avoid.

1. Having a stereotype resume and cover letter

Every job is different, even though the roles may be similar. It is therefore important to have a customized resume for each job applied to reflect the specific job requirements is best. While there may be times that you can use the same resume to apply to more than one job, it’s best to ensure your resume and cover letter reflects the specific responsibilities of the job you are applying to per time. This will also earn you a high relevance when the application software is employed by a reviewer.

2. Highlighting responsibilities over achievements

Your resume is an overview of your biodata, qualifications, and experiences. However, when employers and recruiters want to know what impact you can make, or have made in previous job roles, more than the responsibilities you have engaged. It is a clear indication of the value you will bring to the table if hired. For example, a recruiter will prefer to know that as a marketer, you increased the clientele base by 10%, instead of stating places/people you visited.

3. Not upskilling

A graduate qualification is never enough to land you a job. You need to learn skills, either technical or soft skills that are required in your field and for your personal development. It does not matter if you are in between jobs, do not make the mistake of being redundant till you land the next job. Recruiters usually use the skills in high demand for a role as keywords when searching for potential employees. Use the time available to upscale your present skill or learn an additional skill, so that you can be more qualified and considered by the recruiter for an interview.

4. Online absence

You have a personal brand to sell all by yourself. Online social platforms are best for this. Most job seekers have no profile or updated profile on the major professional platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter. These platforms are good leverage for you to connect with people and organizations when you’re looking for a job. This increases your visibility to recruiters and employers. It also opens you to available jobs, thereby increasing your chance to get a job.

5. Lack of preparedness in job search

There are diverse organizations and roles advertised daily. You cannot possibly apply for all, hence it is important to streamline your search and focus on finding the right job for you. To make the right choice, you may consider role, location, remuneration, interest, and culture among others because not every job is yours. If you have no interest in numerical computations, then it is unwise to apply for any role in data analysis.

Therefore, map out your target organizations, and match the roles you are qualified for. This narrows your search and will give effective results instead of applying for every role that is vacant. If you need assistance, you can get career coaches or recruiters to guide you on this journey. Street2Suit is available to ensure you make no mistake on your job search journey.

6. Not practicing for the interview

It took a lot of work to get an invite for an interview, you should not take it lightly. Most job seekers fail to research the organization before appearing for an interview. Interviews are not a walk in the park. It requires doing your homework and being ready when you appear on that day. It’s important that you can answer major common interview questions.

Being unprepared will throw you off balance and reduce your confidence level. So, when you appear for an interview, be prepared, put up the right attitude, maintain eye contact, answer questions right, sell your strengths, negotiate your salary, if not fixed, and ask the right questions. Never make the mistake of showing up clueless.

7. Ignorance of the market value

For every role you apply for or want to engage in, it is important you find out the value in the marketplace. Having said that, it is appropriate to allow the employer to mention the remuneration first before stating or negotiating yours when you are sure you are the choice candidate chosen. Many job seekers make the mistake of either overpricing or asking for less because they do not research or assess the market value of that professional role.

It is also essential to consider your current professional position, years of experience, and the size of the organization before negotiating. If incentives and other offers with the salary are of a greater benefit than the total salary offered, it might be advisable to take up the job.

8. Inability to Follow-up

Whether it is an application submission or an interview, it is important to follow up with a simple email or phone call to confirm acknowledgment or thank the individual/panel for their time, respectively. This may create a good impression and imprint your meeting in their memories. If you do not get the present job, your action may create an opportunity for other considerations in the future.

Job seekers are bound to make mistakes when not guided. The good news is that the major mistakes can be avoided, and if made, corrected before a new search begins again. Have you made any of these mistakes? Kindly share in the comment box and ensure you tell us how you resolved it too.

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