Attention: All Made In Naija Products, SaharaGO Is Coming Soon!

Do you run a made in Naija product business? SaharaGO, a multi-million dollar company, launches in January 2021 as the largest e-commerce platform to promote and sell all local-made products in Africa to the world.

This is welcome news for every genuine business owner priding the Naija brand and looking for another BIG platform to showcase the strength and aura of their brand to the world. I have always been a big fan of promoting ‘For-Us-By-Us’ products. Call it sentiments but you will see that behind every prosperous economy is a deep-seated belief in and promotion of their own brand. India will say ‘make in India’, the Chinese want to be the best alternative to everything makeable, and the US well is busy in a trade war with China.

Commerce is one formidable force that determines the strength of an economy. In our context here in Naija today where more jobs have been lost in a single year owing to C-19, and inflation is on the rise, transportation/electrical power costs has gone high, and there is socio-political instability, what do we do as citizens to survive the storm? My take is simple, if you cannot ‘jakpa’ then you must inevitably think of doubling your income. You can become a global household name with your products. All you need is that platform that advocates for local-made, evangelizes on your behalf and earns you some dollar bills.

Be sure that your stuff beats the cut for international quality/standard and aesthetic appeal. Don’t dull. Register NOW and their onboarding team will contact you as soon as possible. You can also get in touch via instant message on WhatsApp and chat with a representative. Welcome to SaharaGO.

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