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How references influence job search

How References Influence Job Search

Thinking of quitting your job? Or hunting for a new one? Whatever the answer is, you need to add this recipe to your pot of success.

Street fam, we’re dishing out a special menu today. Heads up! You can’t see it anywhere else and yes, it’s exclusive to just you. Chin up, wipe that frustration off your gloomy face, and smile.

You might be wondering what’s the hype, the fuzz about this week topic? Let me put you out of the suspense, it’s called Reference. Remember, we prioritize your success and getting you the best. Stay stunned and keep reading!

The question now is, what is reference?

There might be an idea floating in your mind. You might be correct or not, but I’ll do justice to that. A reference is a formal recommendation letter written by a former employer to a future employer highlighting the person’s qualifications, character, and dependability.

Simple! But it goes in two ways: either to skyrocket your career or put a period to it. So that bad attitude you have going on, fix it or it will fix you.

How can you get a good reference?

In one of our previous post, we talked about the importance of must have soft skills for every job seeker. Now, we relate those skills here. But how? Let me tell you. How do you handle your work? What is your relationship like with your coworkers? How do you cope with receiving constructive criticism? These insights reflect your true nature.

These soft skills teamwork, time management, communication, problem solving etc all add up into your work ethics. Your boss can deduce your dedication, hard work and reliability from all these.

So what next?


Be involved in your work community. Even if it’s not your specialty or you’re not getting paid more, your hard work won’t go unnoticed. Be open to taking opportunities and challenges. You’re not just building your portfolio, but also yourself.

Teamwork skills

Your relationship with others matter. Even in tough situations, you’re able to bend a knee for the success of your team. That says a lot about you. There’s increasing diversity in the workplace with different values and backgrounds, so being respective to their opinions will foster a healthy work environment.

Good work ethics

This is basically how you approach your work. Do you schedule your task? Do you meet deadlines? How reliable are you in terms of your work? All these questions need answers. Take your time to think and analyze, and you will see how they shape your work ethics. Consistently producing quality results will keep you on a streak and also on the good side of your boss.

Now, imagine after all this, no manager will decline your request for a reference. In fact, they’ll write it with a joy filled heart. Except the forces of the world are out to get you, then maybe…..just kidding, chill.

Never underestimate the power of a reference letter. Your prospective employers aren’t requesting for it cause they’re bored. They need some sort of evidence to attest to your qualification and what better way to get it, than from a past employer. Be humble, be involved, be reliable, be hardworking and be responsible.

Best of luck!

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