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Creating an Award-Winning Professional Bio

Creating an Award-Winning Professional Bio

If you have ever struggled to answer the question ‘Can we meet you?’ It is either you do not know how best to answer or you were not able to articulate your words. Whichever of the two was peculiar to you, kindly note that it can be resolved.

Creating an award-winning professional biography is the first step to helping you answer correctly and articulate any response you need to give to formally introduce yourself.

A biography is a summary of a person’s life. In simple terms, it is a definition of who you are, describing it in a few words. It is a personal unique story, hence your bio will always tell a difference. Whether it is written as a full-length book or as a short descriptive caption requested by an interviewer or a potential client, or even on your blog post or about us page on your website, a professional biography tells a story of who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it.

A professional biography should contain some or all of these major elements. Your name, qualifications, goals, values, skills, and interests. However, it must be sufficiently explanatory in simple terms. Your audience also determines the tone and approach you should use to engage your biography, so if it is geared towards getting a job, you would be more careful with your choice of words, unlike writing a bio for a social media platform like Instagram. Your bio must also indicate how you can be reached.

Hence, when required, a phone number, email address, or a contact link to enable your audience to reach you is a very important part of your bio.

Now, let’s go on a journey of creating an award-winning professional bio with these tips:

Tip 1 – Introduce yourself

The first inclusion in a professional bio is a personal introduction. Be sure to cut out the titles and use your first and last names. This introduction is your first identity description and you want to create a good impression at a first glance. If the bio is for a brand, state the name of the brand, the tagline, and the year/date of establishment accordingly.

Most informal bios are written in the ‘first person. A professional bio is formal and should be written in the ‘third person,’ except stated otherwise. So if you are writing your bio on a professional platform like LinkedIn, or as required by an organization, this format is usually adopted, ‘Tacha Gregs is …’

Tip 2 – State your role

It is important to state what you are engaged in presently. People have an interest in what you are doing or have done. It shows that you have a sense of responsibility and can be trusted. You do not need to exaggerate your position, so be sure to state your role and a little summary of what your role entails in your present organization or as a personal brand.

Hence if you are a marketer, write it. However, if you are a job seeker, you can state whatever expertise you possess or your previous role.

Tip 3 – Describe your mission statement

Why do you do what you do? That is the description of your mission statement. Are you driven by a passion for development, healthy living, or a sustainable environment? Whatever your objectives are as a professional or brand, they must be clear, specific, and concise so that people can identify with your role, having expressed what your passion or motivation is.

Tip 4 – Describe your values

Your values are the principles that guide how you do what you do and ensure you get the right results. Professional values are a necessity because they are pointers to your identity and work performance. Whether they are customized or adopted for your role or brand, values are the standards you uphold and live by. Some common values include excellence, great customer service, honesty, adaptability, and accountability. What’s yours?

Tip 5 – Highlight your Achievements

What have you done so far in your present or previous roles that is remarkable? While it might not have won you an award, was it enough to earn you a recommendation or a thank you? It could be as simple as organizing the team to productively accomplish a task. Your achievements in a professional bio are your selling points. State at least two, especially the biggest so far, and be sure not to make it a lengthy one.

Tip 6 – Mention your hobbies

What other interests do you have outside of your profession? It is okay to let people connect with who you are outside the workplace. It depicts you have a balance as a social being. Do you enjoy skydiving, cooking, watching movies, or playing games? Ensure you include that to enable your audience to connect with your personality. It is always great to wrap up a professional bio with a personal note like this ‘Tacha Gregs loves the game of chess and enjoys every moment spent playing it.’

Creating a professional bio that captures your brand or expertise is a gateway to growth and productivity. You do not have to wait to create one because of a sudden request you got via email. You may not have a good time getting it right.

Got a professional bio? Share other tips you think should be added to this list to create an award-winning professional bio.

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