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Tips To Building a Good Resume

4 Tips To Building a Good Resume

Many companies are currently on the hunt for qualified employees while fresh graduates are struggling to secure a job with little or no professional experience.

The popular question is, how do I gain experience when I’m just graduating?

Now, this question runs through the minds of graduates as they sign out and prepare to join the labor market but fret not! We’ve got you.

First of all, what is a Resume?

A resume is a document that contains all information of a job applicant comprising his work experience, personal information, goals, and educational qualifications. A resume often accompanies a cover letter.

4 Tips To Building a Good Resume          

Let’s begin by talking about how a Resume or Curriculum Vitae, as it is popularly known, should be.

The secret to having a ‘good’ Resume is the fact that you can prove to your employers that you can perform the tasks and duties associated with the new job role.

A resume doesn’t have to be perfectly matched with the job qualification required but should represent your experience, ability to work, and accountability.

Take on Important Job Roles

A sense of independence starts to creep into every young and active mind even before the end of High School.

Some of these minds go as far as experimenting and testing out their independence by taking on jobs or working during the summer.

This is not a matter of keeping busy but being productive.

These jobs or work experiences are not to be taken lightly as they mold you into the kind of person you need to be for your future.

All job roles are important

Before College or University, there are also bigger roles and duties to be taken when a much more responsible job comes. All these little jobs are not insignificant as they would come in handy when filling out your resume.

To start building a worthy resume, you don’t need to start working with your qualifications or certificate, all you need is the willingness to work, gain experience and earn in the process.

Take note of the duties assigned to you

While working, in high school, college, or after graduation, it is important to take note of all the duties that were or are assigned to you.

Many employees make the small mistake of focusing on the job title than the responsibilities that come with the job.

The interview

For example, Janet is employed to be the Sales Manager of a Supermart across Town, after a few years of working; she gets a better job as a Marketing Manager in a much bigger establishment.

When requested for her Resume, she hands over a one-page document that summarizes her work experience and places she’d worked.  

Luckily for her, she was interviewed and during the session, one of her interviewers noticed the places she’s worked and the job titles and asked her a simple question; what responsibilities were you given?.


That question should have been answered right there in her resume, explaining the different tasks she carried out in each of those assignments.

As a Sales Manager, you are in charge of sales, product, and marketing in an organization, especially in a Supermart.

When should this be applied?

The responsibilities of a Sales manager may be similar to that of a Marketing manager or more in an even bigger establishment.

This goes for every other career or occupation. Potential candidates often lose out on a good job because their Resume isn’t well put together.

So note all the duties and responsibilities that come with any job title given and include them all in your CV before applying for a higher position.

Acquire relatable skills

The World is evolving and learning is becoming easy. The new methods have opened the windows to new skills that warrant a certificate. Of the 4 tips to building a good Resume, this is the most used.

Employers are looking out for fresh ideas that can promote and grow their business or organization. Hence, they go for highly skilled individuals who will not only deliver but go further to make things easy for the development of the company.

What skills can I acquire?

Acquiring a skill is not so difficult. Look into your service or product delivery and search for online courses that put you in the spotlight.

Janet is now a Marketing Manager in the new Firm but her experience alone didn’t get her the job.

Online courses

While working at Supermart, she did a Marketing course online and in a matter of weeks, she was certified and ready for the next step.

This was one of the things that stood her out among the many who applied at the same time.

Get a skill that is relatable to your job role or a skill that will add value to your present employment.

Is it Important to learn a new skill?

Learning a new skill is not important but necessary. You cannot afford to be unproductive or stationary while others are moving or growing. Acquiring skills in your area of expertise attracts promotion, higher salary, and new status.

It is however important to learn a new skill if you need your Resume to be up to date.

Build a professional persona

As one of the 4 tips to building, having a professional image is vital to your brand. No matter how educated or experienced you want to portray yourself through your CV or Resume, there has to be a difference between an amateur and a professional.

Your resume speaks volumes about you when you are not present. So branding yourself as one who is ready to take on tasks and responsibilities.

How professional can I get?

For one whose resume will be submitted before being interviewed, your professionalism begins from the way your goals are set to the manner with which your experiences and skills are also set. Another level of professionalism is noted when stating your values when it comes down to work.

Avoid bragging about your achievements, as this does not speak well of your personality. Express yourself in a short and precise manner.


In the process of creating a brand for yourself, you must have established an online presence using professional sites like LinkedIn.

This is a platform where employers seek job applicants. As a job seeker, get in line with the trend and set up a Linkedin profile if you do not have one yet.

If you already do, make your profile attractive enough for employers to look through and possibly contact you.

Building a worthy Resume is a process, be patient while at it.

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