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Signs To Note When To Quit a Job

6 Signs To Note When To Quit a Job

Jobs! Jobs!! Jobs!!!, the highs and lows of it are many.

However, when it comes to knowing when to quit can be difficult for quite a number of reasons.

The most obvious is that you have bills to pay, this focal point can potentially cloud your judgment even on your best thinking days. So this interesting read may just open your eyes and mind to see things differently for the moment.

The six signs to note when to quit a job

s2s quit your job

1. You are no longer challenged on the job

This happens oftentimes, and do not go hard on yourself when it does happen to you. More often it is common when you have served a company for quite some years and nothing has significantly changed or your expectations on the job were not met.

2. Good effort is not rewarded

It is only too frustrating that you put in your best to a task or project or on the job and the brilliant results are not celebrated. Like seriously, it must be a funeral service only that this time your motivation and drive are in the coffin. Nope, I would rather be on the other side where we pop champagne at every milestone.

3. Unstructured salary scale among peers

This is perhaps the most sensitive sign that you do not want to discover. Salary is the juiciest gossip in the workplace, even though most companies forbid it in their contracts, but still, it cannot be subdued. That gives you an indication of how powerful the subject is. Now imagine you discovered that you are paid less than your peers in the office, how would you feel? Your guess is as good as mine. Lol

4. You have a boss, not a leader

There are many illustrations of the difference between a boss and a leader. The image below gives a more descriptive explanation of the difference. Choose a leader every time over a boss.

s2s boss and a leader
A Boss versus A Leader!

5. You have to fight for what you deserve all the time

We are talking about basic benefits that were stated in your contract such as health plan, leave allowance, pension, 13th-month payment, and so on. You are entitled to these benefits yet you find yourself pushing for them to materialize month over month, year over year. Clearly, it only indicates that the company lacks integrity or there is no structure. Either way, it is a thumbs-down.

6. Remote work is not implemented for talents who reside far away from the office

This will in no time lead to accumulated stress for the members of staff who reside far away from the office. A stressed mind and body are unproductive at work. No job wants an unproductive person so why not quit the job instead of being fired?

There are many more signs to look out and we are happy to share them with you based on real-life experiences of people. But overall, you must also know how best to quit without burning bridges 😉

Need more assistance on how to manage your decisions about quitting your job? Simply leave us a WhatsApp message. Perhaps there are other signs to take note of when to quit a job, feel free to share with us via the comment section.

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