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3 Scenarios On How to Arrive at a Salary for Your Next Geek

3 Scenarios On How to Arrive at a Salary for Your Next Geek

No doubt salary negotiations are difficult conversations to do for job seekers.

Why? Because it can be tricky, one misstep and you are already vulnerable in the face of the recruiter.

I know you would say that there are many salary scale calculators online aka Google is your best friend, but you and I know that more often this is not the case when you are in the hot seat. How do you say it? What is the recruiter expecting to hear from you? And so many thoughts in your head.

3 Scenarios On How to Arrive at a Salary for Your Next Geek

Well, this piece serves to help you how you can navigate this awkward huddle in what I call the most sensitive stage of the interview process.

Scenario 1: You love the job and want it by all means

Recruiter: What is your salary expectation for this role?

Candidate: I am more interested in this position because it is a good fit for my skills and interests. I am confident that you’re offering a salary that is competitive in the current market.

Now watch out, if the recruiter insists on a figure then you can turn the table around this way;

Candidate: My net salary, outside benefits, in my current place of employment is in the range of 150,000 to 200,000 Naira per month (as an example assuming your net salary is 150,000 Naira). I will be happy to hear from you about what the salary scale is for this position.

Of course, there is more to be learnt under this scenario. You can contact us for more details.

Scenario 2: You know your cost

This is perhaps a no-brainer and in case you have not figured out your monthly cost yet, I suggest you pick a pen and paper right now and draft them out. Add costs to realize future goals too – very important. See an example below;

Feeding Allowance=== Put a figure ===
Transportation Allowance=== Put a figure ===
Water bill=== Put a figure ===
Electricity bill=== Put a figure ===
House Rent=== Put a figure ===
Savings & investment=== Put a figure ===
Household furnishing=== Put a figure ===
Other Costs=== Put a figure ===
TOTAL=== Total of the figures ===

Scenario 3: The Pursuit of Growth

Sometimes you have scenarios 1 and 2 checked. But this time you want to move to the next level of your income, so you are clearly not bothered about the company’s budget and you are quite comfy with your current pay scale, all you need now is to hit that figure in your head – no more no less

Well in that case, you need to also be picky in targeting the kind of companies that can meet your expectations. There are tools and a few techniques on how to research these companies based on your preference.

Need more assistance on this? Simply leave us a WhatsApp message.

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