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3 Productive tips to implement while working from Home

As the lockdown eases and a few businesses are back to normal operation, some others are still apprehensive about what post-covid brings especially in business.

For the others, it is about been already adapted to the work from home (WFH) culture. They adapted quickly and even discovered that they can save overhead costs while staying productive hitting those numbers month over month.

What about looking at it from the vintage point of you and I who work for these companies? How are we adjusting to the new normal of WFH? Do you love it? Or do you loathe it?

Depending on how you look at it, there will be the pros and cons of it, the long story short of it is that we are here anyway doing it day after day and until then we can choose to whine about it or get the best out of it.

For those of us that have chosen to get the best out of it, I share with you 3 insightful tips on how to keep your “A-game” while WFH. Try these tips at home and you can thank me later:

1. Clear your work space

Perhaps, this will be the most under-rated yet very effective method to stay productive while WFH. The reason is that we are so used to jumping out of our bed in the morning on our pyjamas, do a quick 5 minutes reflection for the day’s task, brush your teeth, have a cup of coffee, and everything else around us stays constant, including a messy workspace. Think of it as having a clear memory that has been reset to a clean slate and prepared to receive new and exciting information. Keeping only the needful stuff organized around your workspace helps you stay focused, less distracted and ultimately there is room to think clearly.

2. Take regular stretches

If you love your job, like me, then the odds are that you are using long hours in a sedentary position in front of your laptop without even taking a break to stretch your legs, waist and body joints. Doctors make us understand that the effects of a sedentary lifestyle can lead to; weight gain, lower metabolism, loss of flexibility, increased chances of dementia, depression, anxiety, and even a heart attack.

So what can you do? Stand up as often as you work, take fast walks around the space of your environment, exercise and stretch daily and you will be amazed how effective you become at work.

3. Keep tabs on the regular work hours

Well, it is now obvious that the office politics of face time will do you no good (P.S: Your boss is not watching). WFH is all about the results you bring to the company. So, whether you do 6 hours, 9 hours, or 12 hours + daily it all boils down to your results. Your results will determine how productive you are WFH.

So my advice here is, Draft a to-do-list everyday and set timelines to complete them. Your list of tasks must be realistic and achievable based on your level of competence and I am sure you will be just fine.

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