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3 Actions to take before you sign that Offer letter

3 Actions to take before you sign that Offer letter

You have invested a significant amount of energy in developing a bad-ass CV/resume, you have watched several interview case studies and even rehearsed in front of family/friends, coaches and mentors.

Now all that effort seems to pay off, it looks like you are close to nailing a job.

From all indications the interviewers like you and they have started patronizing you already by telling you about how fun and attractive the workplace, a competitive salary, benefits, some perks, and so on. Basically, it’s a good sign that they are into you.

Now you must ask yourself the hard questions like; Do I want to work here? Why do I even want to work here?, What is the career growth like in this company?, How do they treat their staff when faced with pressure?, and so many more questions.

While it is easy to frame these questions in some way and direct it to the interviewer, it is always better to do your own investigation if you really want to get the real answers to these sensitive questions.

Follow this 3 fool-proof approach to unravel the answers to this important questions.

before you sign that Offer letter

1. Hear from ex-employees

It’s no myth that people leave companies for different reasons and as such are no longer obligated to their previous employers. These guys are more liable to tell you all you need to know about their previous employers even disclosing salary information.

Again, it all depends on how you are able to build a rapport very quickly with them because people handle the act of sharing information differently. Reach out to us for a comprehensive guide on how to succeed in this approach.

2. Check reviews on Glassdoor

Visit Glassdoor, an online job platform with inside information about companies from the reviews of employees and former employees. This is especially efficient if the company in question is BIG or fast growing.

You will find interesting reviews about the pros & cons of working in that company, salaries/benefits for different positions, and advice to the managers of the company by employees & former employees.

Reviews here are optimally so real with a blend of humor. I stumbled on one where an employee complained bitterly about the toxic management style of the CEO and dropped this line as an advice to the CEO; ‘’Buy a boat. Get on your boat. Sail into the middle of the ocean. Stay there and never come back.’’

3. What about employees in the company?

I dare to say this approach is for those with brass-balls. You are plucking the most up-to-date information from the very sweet spot of the vineyard.

And, of course expect that this one will be a tough one to execute but I will say in Agamemnon’s tone from the excerpts of the movie, Troy; ‘’The gods favour only the strong (ie. The bold).’’

Simply put, it is do-able if you are willing to execute it. the first step is to look out for a junior person in the company and the next step is to reach out to us to guide you all the way – Contact Us.

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